Aesthetic Procedures After Bariatric Surgery


Aesthetic Procedures After Bariatric Surgery

Having an ideal weight and body mass index is of great importance not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of health. Obesity, which we can describe as the most common epidemic disease in today's world, is the greatest enemy of ideal and healthy body size. When a sedentary life is combined with the frequent consumption of unhealthy, ready-made, and packaged foods, it is not surprising that the greatest problem of society is obesity.

Obesity is a serious health problem, especially in advanced ages. For this reason, obese people try to lose weight with techniques such as diet and exercise. However, bariatric surgery has become very common in severely obese individuals, as diet and exercise do not yield sufficient results alone. Procedures such as stomach reduction, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass enable these patients to lose weight rapidly.

Post-Bariatric Surgery

It takes an average of 12-16 months for patients to reach their ideal weight with bariatric surgery. Post-bariatric surgery is required after the patients reach their ideal weight with bariatric surgery. For post-bariatric surgery, which usually involves multiple aesthetic procedures, the patient is expected to be at his ideal weight for at least 3 months. During this time, the body will recover and adopt to the new weight. Patients, who have not yet reached their ideal weight, should wait for aesthetic procedures. Aesthetic procedures performed during the weight loss process may not yield positive results. Aesthetic procedures, which are performed after 15 months or later following the bariatric surgery, are more successful.

Which Procedures Does Post-Bariatric Surgery Include?

Post-bariatric surgery includes a tummy tuck, leg lift, arm lift, breast reduction, breast lift, buttock lift and liposuction. The plastic surgeon examines the current fat and skin ratio of the patients and performs one or more of these procedures in line with their needs. While some patients need only one aesthetic procedure, some patients may need many more surgical procedures. In the second case, the surgeon plans the procedures to be performed at certain intervals. In this way, the patient is given time to recover between procedures.

All post-bariatric surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia. The patient is discharged after being followed-up in the hospital for 1-2 days. Although the healing process varies according to each procedure, at least 1 week of rest is recommended after each procedure.

Is Post-Bariatric Surgery Difficult?

Aesthetic surgery procedures to be performed after bariatric surgery are more complicated compared to other aesthetic surgeries. The fact that the amount of skin to be removed is large, and that the remaining skin needs to be shaped in the most aesthetic way prolongs the surgical procedure, making it more complicated. Apart from these, factors such as the chronic diseases of the patient, vitamin or protein deficiency may cause certain difficulties in the planning and execution of the procedure. There will not be any complications as long as all these procedures are carried out by a specialist surgeon and team, and the patient is followed up closely.

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