Tummy Tuck


Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty is performed by removing the sagging that causes discomfort in the abdomen. The sagging abdominal skin in women, which does not return to its original form after childbirth or losing excessive weight, is removed.

In tummy tuck surgeries, the middle and lower abdomen skin is removed along with excess fat tissue and the sagging part. If there are muscles that are loose and open to the sides, they are tightened with the help of stitches. In this way, the protruding bump in the abdomen is also removed.

Will there be a scar after tummy tuck surgery?

There is a horizontal scar   in the bikini area as the skin is stretched from top to bottom during surgery.

Can tummy tuck surgery remove stretch marks?

Since the abdominal skin is stretched from top to bottom, stretch marks below the navel level can usually be removed.

Who are the best candidates for tummy tuck surgery?

Individuals, who are close to normal according to their body weight distribution, but who are disturbed by the excess of fat and skin in the abdomen despite exercising and diet, are suitable candidates. Abdominoplasty is recommended if the abdominal skin has loosened and sagged, or if the skin has lost its elasticity after several childbirths.

Is it possible to get pregnant after tummy tuck surgery?

This procedure is performed by stretching the loose and sagging skin, and it is not recommended to get pregnant accordingly. Women, who want to have children again, are recommended to discuss this issue with their surgeon before deciding on tummy tuck surgery.

What kind of result should be expected after tummy tuck surgery?

After the surgery, the physical image will begin to change in a few days. After the body edema is eliminated, new body lines will emerge, and the self-confidence of the individual will improve.

Are there any downsides to tummy tuck surgery?

Better results can be obtained with an experienced surgeon; however, complications may occur as with any surgical procedure. Rare problems such as infection and bleeding may be encountered. It is recommended not to smoke, as smoking impedes the rapid healing of the scar.

Is anesthesia administered to the patient?

The procedure may take 3-4 hours depending on its difficulty. Before starting the procedure, the patient is administered a mild sedation, and then general anesthesia is administered.

What is the process after tummy tuck surgery?

Edema, pain and tightness may be felt in the abdomen for a few days after the surgery. Your surgeon may recommend a pain reliever against it. The patient is expected to stand up and walk in the early phase. Most of the stitches do not need to be removed as they are hidden stitches. After the bandages are reduced, the patient is dressed in a corset. This corset is recommended to be worn for 1-1.5 months.

When can one return to normal life after tummy tuck surgery?

Some of the patients who have surgery return to work after a period of 2 weeks. Recovery may take several weeks to complete. The suture marks on the abdomen begin to fade after a distinct pinkness, and their clarity decreases. After the follow-up visits of the surgeon, light exercise is recommended to work the abdominal muscles.

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