Cheek Aesthetics


Cheek Aesthetics

Read the article below to learn about or to make an appointment for chubby cheek aesthetics, sunken cheek aesthetics and mid-face rejuvenation treatment. Cheeks are among the structures that make up the most important part of the face. Cheeks, which are full and fresh at young ages, appear sunken and deflated as age progresses. In some people, the cheeks are too sunken and flat, while they are too full, plump and swollen in some other people, which is not desired. This is where cheek aesthetics comes to the fore.

Chubby Cheeks

Cheeks are sometimes more chubby than normal in young people. Taut cheek is a sign of youth; however, excessive tightness causes some people to look overweight even if they are not. With a simple intervention, a small amount of fat tissue is removed from the middle of the cheek. Intervention is very easy, and it does not prevent returning to work the next day. With the reduction of the cheeks, the cheekbones and chin are made more prominent. A dimple is created starting from the front of the ear towards the corner of the mouth. As seen in many famous photo models, this area of the face is the most important criterion of facial beauty. Starting from the upper part of the face, plump and protruding cheekbones, the hollow middle part below, and protruding chin edges at the bottom are very important in terms of ideal proportions in facial beauty.

Sagging and Collapsed Cheeks

There are many fillers used for plumping the cheeks at a young age; however, none of them is as effective and permanent as a tissue cocktail. Sometimes it may be necessary to undertake two or three sessions. Cheek lift and mid-facelift has now become inevitable in advancing ages. If these fillers are used after 45-50 years of age, they create an unnatural and non-anatomical, unaesthetic appearance on the face due to swelling around the mouth and face as if stung by a bee. Today, many surgeons, who are not plastic surgeons and who deal with aesthetics, continue to use these fillings by convincing patients or scaring them about surgery, since they are not allowed to perform surgery. This results in faces with abnormal looks, which show in every way that aesthetic procedures have been performed. Thanks to advanced surgical techniques and optical systems, these surgical procedures can now be performed minimally invasively (through small incisions) with the help of endoscopy (closed system). In mid-face rejuvenation, a very natural and normal appearance is formed as not only the cheeks but also the under-eye tissues are corrected as a result of the endoscopic lifting of the cheeks. This is one of the most effective treatment techniques after the age of 45, and it has an extremely permanent effect for many years.

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