Venus Legacy


Venus Legacy™ is a high-tech device, which can be used in many procedures such as skin tightening, body contouring, cellulite treatment, removal of regional fat, sagging and wrinkle treatments.
Thanks to the lipolysis effect created by Multi-Polar Radio Frequency technology, it can be used safely on all types of skin without any pain or scarring. It also triggers the natural regeneration process of the skin, thanks to Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF), which is a non-thermal technology. One of the great advantages of Venus Legacy™, which can be used both on the face and in various parts of the body, is that it can also be used in the summer.


The great benefit of medical aesthetics is that it allows the significant change you want to see in your body without any interventional procedures (surgery, etc.).
Venus Legacy™, which is one of the new treatments performed by our experienced and expert staff at Marebelis Clinic, is one of the peak points that medical aesthetics has reached in this field.
Thanks to its registered VariPulse™ technology, it enables patients to achieve distinctive results in body contouring, cellulite and wrinkle treatments. Venus Legacy™ has recently become one of the most popular procedures, as its vacuum and air cooling features provide great comfort during the procedure.


While many devices are used separately for the face or body, Venus Legacy™ provides ideal results for both types of procedures thanks to its special headpieces.
DiamondPolar, OctiPolar and 4D Body & Face caps make it possible to achieve successful results on sensitive and small areas of the face as well as on large areas of the body. These headpieces, each designed for functionality tailored to specific procedures, are key components in achieving quick and noticeable results.
All headpieces also feature “Real-time Thermal Feedback” technology. Thanks to this technology, the temperature level of the skin can be monitored moment by moment during the procedure, maximizing the quality of the procedure and patient comfort.

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