Mega Liposuction


What does mega liposuction mean?
Fat removal of more than 6-7 liters in a single procedure is called mega liposuction.

In which patients does mega liposuction provide good results?
In classical liposuction to be performed on patients with excessive fat, 3-4 liters of fat intake will not provide much benefit for correction of body contours. Mega liposuction will be very pleasing in patients, who are above normal weight, cannot go on a diet, do not want to undergo gastric surgery, cannot do sports, and have no problems with the required health checks performed before the surgery.

What are the benefits of mega liposuction?
With mega liposuction, up to 15-20 liters of aspiration can be performed in a single procedure. This amount provides a surgery that will reveal body contours (waist, abdomen) and eliminate excess protrusions (breast, armpit, hip).

There will be a noticeable improvement in the body considering that the amount of dress size lost and the extent to which the body lines get slimmer is more important compared to the amount of total weight loss.

Positive developments are observed in patients with diabetes after the removal of this amount of fat from the body.

Fat is a tissue that stores estrogen; therefore, the decrease in libido also improves with the proportional increase in testosterone level after surgery in male patients.

The decrease in body weight makes it possible to increase the number of movements and facilitates exercising.

The positive change in body appearance after the surgery increases the motivation to diet and makes dieting easier.

What conditions are required for mega liposuction?
To reduce the risks and complications of this surgery, the following basic conditions are required:
 a. A plastic surgeon who is well-trained and especially experienced in liposuction techniques, and knows the physiology of mega liposuction very well.
 b. An anesthesiologist who is very experienced in these types of surgeries
 c. A hospital with the necessary equipment for these surgeries and afterward
 d. Nurses and healthcare professionals with experience in this surgery and post-operative care
 e. Selection of appropriate patient

What are the risks of mega liposuction?
When the conditions listed above are met, it has the same risks and complications as traditional liposuction.

Can mega liposuction be combined with another surgical procedure?
If the patient's health condition allows, it is possible to perform abdominoplasty and breast augmentation and/or reduction surgeries in the same session.

What is Prof. Dr. Murat Turegun's level of experience in mega liposuction?

Dr. Turegun, who received his specialty diploma in 1993, started to perform this surgery in 2000 after becoming an associate professor, and he has performed it on approximately 800 patients. About 150 of them were liposuctions over 10 liters.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Murat Turegun is very experienced in "combined surgeries", where these three surgical procedures are performed in combination. He has also shared his studies with his valuable colleagues at national and international scientific congresses.


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