French Lift


French Lift

French Lift is a non-surgical facelift procedure, which is performed using a special polyester-free silicone flexible thread developed in France. French Lift, which is a technique developed in recent years, has become an alternative to surgical facelift procedures.

What is the characteristic of French Lift?

Human face begins to fail to counteract the effects of gravity and aging over time. The face gets wrinkled due to the loss of collagen and elasticity, and weakening of the connective tissue. This causes individuals to look older than they actually are. Wrinkles make you look tired, tense and unhappy. Although all individuals want to eliminate the aged and tired appearance and rejuvenate after a certain age, the relevant surgical procedures scare most individuals in terms of both their cost and the healing process. The possibility that non-surgical alternatives usually do not offer permanent or long-term solutions pushes patients to surgical procedures. French Lift has gained a strong place among non-surgical facelift alternatives due to its long-term results and rapid recovery process.

The threads, which consist of silicone inside and polyester outside, are biologically compatible with the human body, and they can stay under the skin for many years.

In what circumstances can French Lift procedure be considered?

If you think that you have lost the youthful and vivid appearance of your skin,

If you do not want to undergo a surgical procedure,

If you want to slow down your aging,

If you have subcutaneous soft tissue sagging or tired eyes,

If you are unhappy with your lines, sagging and wrinkles on your skin surface.

If you meet one or more of the conditions mentioned above, you are a good candidate for this procedure.


It has no effects such as suture scars or pain,

It does not require hospitalization, and the patient can return to normal life in 2-3 days,

It does not cause any change in mimics due to its natural results,

The recovery period and the time to achieve the results are much quicker compared to surgical procedures.


regional stiffness, edema and bruising may occur in the surgical area, albeit for a short period.

Bleeding may occur on the skin, albeit for a short period.

How is French Lift performed?

The procedure is started by administering local anesthesia to the surgical area. Before the procedure, vectors (suspension angles) are determined. The threads are placed in a LOOP with the help of a cannula, and they are suspended upwards to the fascia. This procedure is performed to both sides. The procedure is finalized after dressing.

After French Lift

Edema disappears within 1 week after the procedure. When there is pain, the patient should use the prescribed drugs regularly. You can return to social life immediately.

How Long Does the Outcome Last?

The higher the quality of your gene, skin and post-operative self-care routine, the longer the permanence of the result will be.

The threads used in the process are permanent for 5 to 10 years, depending on the conditions, unlike other dissolvable threads.


Serious risks are rare with this procedure, and the procedure does not require any special precautions or necessary treatment. The post-operative satisfaction rate is high.

Some of its complications include the following:

- Edema

- Bruising

- Bleeding


- Following all the instructions given by your surgeon is very important for the healthy progress of your healing process (such as post-operative bandage, drain, incision care, medication/cream use, etc.).

- Rest for a few days after the procedure, and minimize jaw movements.

- Avoid sleeping on your stomach for a few days.

- Move delicately while washing and wiping your face,

- Do not massage or rub your skin.

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