The effect of gravity, sun rays, and the stress of daily life cause signs of aging on the faces of individuals. It becomes visible on the face in the form of deep lines, wrinkles, folds and fat accumulations on and around the eyelids, around the mouth and cheeks, under the chin and on the neck. With the effect of aging or genetic factors, facial tissues decrease and weaken, and sag from the facial bones in the direction of gravity. Endoscopic facial rejuvenation surgery is performed without leaving a visible incision mark on the face as much as possible while stretching the face. It is one of the relatively new techniques developed in order to rejuvenate the face, by entering through very small incisions hidden in the hair while monitoring from the screen with the help of an endoscopic camera. It has been performed for about 10 years. It is one of the best techniques used to correct sagging on the forehead and brows.

This technique is used not only to rejuvenate the face but also to beautify it in accordance with the current understanding of beauty. In other words, the integrity and beauty of the face are ensured by completing certain congenitally deficient structures using their own tissues. In addition, sagging and loosening due to aging are corrected, and a younger and more dynamic appearance is aimed to be achieved. In other words, this technique is used for both rejuvenation and beautifying.

With the help of the up-to-date endoscopic cameras, which started to be used after the development of digital camera systems, the image reflected during the procedure is close to perfect, making it easier to access larger areas by entering through small incisions. This allows us to apply surgical techniques comfortably.

Endoscopic surgery technique is used in many fields of medicine. This technique, also known as closed surgery or bloodless surgery, is widely used in the fields of general surgery, urology, gynecology and orthopedics. Currently, it is also used in plastic and aesthetic surgery to perform procedures without making large incisions and without scarring. Endoscopic surgery technique is used in facial rejuvenation, brow lift, forehead rejuvenation, neck rejuvenation and placement of facial prostheses. The surgical technique to be used is selected after determining the requirements of the patients during the planning made prior to the surgery, and they are combined as necessary.

In old types of facelift surgery, the facial tissues are only stretched upward and backward. The face has a three-dimensional structure. Therefore, facelift should be performed in three dimensions. If the tissues are pulled only backward and upward in the traditional two-dimensional facelift, an artificial expression is formed as if the individual has entered a wind tunnel.

In this technique, the face is both stretched upward and backward, and also the cheeks and face are plumped by pulling the sagging cheek tissues up from the inside of the cheek, just like filling a pillowcase, thereby stretching the face forward, which is the third dimension. No external tissue or substances such as silicone or cheekbone prosthesis are injected into the cheeks. In other words, the cheeks are filled without using any external substances. As a result, the face is rejuvenated in three dimensions by stretching upward, backward, and forward.

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