Nose Filling


Nose Filling

Nose filling is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure performed to reshape the nose. Filling is generally used to remove pits on the face or any part of the body. On the other hand, it is a procedure that is easily performed inside the nose.

With nose filling, many nasal problems such as nasal arch, nasal ridge and nasal asymmetry can be easily eliminated. It can be easily performed in a short time under the clinical conditions. Patients with a history of rhinoplasty can also have this procedure performed easily.

Nose filling is permanent for 5-10 years on average. Extending this period too much is not good for the patient. After a while, the filling melts, and it is discharged from the body naturally. The temporary nature of this procedure has many advantages for the patient.

Since nose filling is not a surgical procedure, there is no age limit. Patients over the age of 18 can easily undergo this procedure. In patients under the age of 18, nose filling can be easily performed with the consent of the parents. There is one important point to consider. The nose of the patient should have completed its development. Hence, the filling cannot be performed before the nose development is complete. When the nose completes its development, it can correct itself naturally.

For our patients who do not require surgical intervention, the most appropriate solution will be nose filling. On the other hand, surgical intervention is a must if the crookedness and symptoms in the nose are very deep. The filling procedure is able to correct the nose to a certain extent. The condition beyond this extent requires surgical procedures. After filling the nose, botox can be used both for the nose and for different parts of the face. Botox can even be used for lifting the tip of the nose. There is no harm in performing the two procedures simultaneously. As with every aesthetic intervention, there are side effects, albeit minor. The first of these is the bruises that occur in the area where the filling is performed. These temporary bruises may not occur in every patient. On the other hand, there are patients who experience this problem. Of course, it is a temporary situation. After a while, it disappears naturally, and the patient returns to normal life. There is no pain while performing the procedure. There is some needle prick feeling at the location where the needle will contact. However, this is a very little pain and it is not unbearable. Some of our patients do not desire to experience this. In this case, the procedure can be continued without pain using local anesthesia. Nose filling prices vary according to the type of nose and the amount of filling to be used. This can only be determined after the examination. It is a more cost-effective procedure compared to the conventional surgery. The cost is very low compared to the surgical procedure. On the other hand, the cost cannot be clarified without examining the nose structure closely. If you send us your nose shape over the Internet, you can easily find out the price of the nose filling procedure. Functional problems such as concha cleaning or breathing problems cannot be eliminated with nose filling. The procedure will be beneficial to a certain extent; however, it will not yield effective the result we desire. Since the inside part of the nose cannot be reshaped as in the surgical procedure, the majority of the functional problems cannot be eliminated with filling.

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