Full Body Contouring


What is full body contouring surgery?

In some cases, diets and exercises may not be able to help the external image reach the desired dimensions. In such cases, full body contouring surgeries can reshape and correct the body by offering combined surgeries.

Which procedures are combined with full body contouring surgeries?

At the end of the interview with the doctor, the most appropriate procedures are decided according to the individual. Full body contouring surgeries are combined with procedures such as breast lift with or without prosthesis, tummy tuck, thigh stretching and liposuction (fat removal).

How many sessions are needed for full body contouring surgeries?

This process is usually completed within one session. A second session is performed if the surgeon thinks that it is necessary.

What is the earliest period when full body contouring surgeries can be performed?

It usually takes one year for the body to recover after childbirth. During this process, the breast and abdominal tissues begin to return to their original form, the slimming and recovery process is completed. If your surgeon approves, it is recommended that at least the breastfeeding period be completed before the full body contouring surgery can be performed.

What kind of procedure is recommended for breasts that shrink after breastfeeding?

Breasts that are larger compared to the period during pregnancy begin to discharge over time due to breastfeeding. Enlarged skin begins to sag as it cannot regain its elasticity over time. In order to eliminate this complaint, breast augmentation and/or lift is performed among the full body contouring procedures.

What kind of procedure is performed if the breast tissue is sufficient after breastfeeding?

If the patient has a sufficient amount of breast tissue, reduction surgery is performed alone. The scar that occurs only around the nipple or vertically towards the breast remains disappears over time. However, if the breast tissue is not considered sufficient by your surgeon, it is recommended to use a silicone prosthesis.

Is breastfeeding possible after the next childbirth?

In full body contouring surgeries, the surgeon acts together with the patient. Unless the patient has another request, the milk channels are not incised.

How is tummy tuck surgery performed in full body contouring surgery?

In some women, excessive skin and fat sagging may occur, especially after childbirth. The muscles that give tension to the abdominal wall and prevent the internal organs from bulging outward are much looser and separate compared to their normal condition. At the end of the procedure, the sagging skin with stretch marks and fat tissues under the belly button are removed, and the muscle tissue in the abdominal area and wall is tightened.

Does the location of the belly button change during tummy tuck surgery?

Full body contouring surgeries are classified among major surgeries. Tummy tuck is also performed within these surgical procedures. Since most of the abdominal muscles are usually tightened and skin is removed under the tummy, the location of the belly button is re-determined.

Can full body contouring surgery be performed after cesarean section?

Yes, it can. However, it is recommended to wait until the body returns to its normal process. The uterus, which is in the size of a pear, reaches the size of a basketball during pregnancy. It takes at least 45 days for the body and organs to return to their normal size and location.

What does thigh correction involve in full body contouring?

In some cases, deformations can be observed in the vagina after normal delivery. Thanks to the current techniques, sagging and excesses in the large and/or small lips are treated with aesthetic procedures. The area above the vulva and below the tummy tuck is made slimmer by liposuction, it is shaped or suspended with liposculpture. In some cases, large or small lips are shaped with fat transfer or other fillers.

Why is liposuction performed in full body contouring?

After childbirth, some parts of the body become excessively lubricated or the existing lubrication does not disappear. The abdomen, waist, hips, inner and outer thighs, the inner part of the knee are especially suitable for fattening, and they are the last to melt. The exercises do not produce results, and may even disrupt the metabolism. The liposuction (fat removal) process, which is performed within the full body contouring procedure, gives results in a short time.

What does liposuction procedure involve?

Fat removal is not a slimming technique; it is a contour correction procedure. While the fat is being removed, the contours of the body are shaped at the same time. A negative pressure vacuum is used for the shaping process.

What type of anesthesia is used in full body contouring surgery?

General anesthesia is required in combined surgeries.

Is hospitalization necessary after full body contouring surgery?

It is sufficient to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 nights.

When can one return to normal life after full body contouring surgery?

After being discharged, it is necessary to rest at home for 1 week. It is usually possible to return to normal life after 15 days.

When can an individual start exercising after full body contouring surgery?

Walks begin after 15 days. It is necessary to avoid heavy sports for 6 weeks.

How long does full body contouring surgery last?

These types of procedures usually take 4-7 hours depending on the procedure to be performed on the patient.

Who can undergo full body contouring surgery?

It is possible to perform this surgery especially for our patients with the sagging abdomen, breasts, legs or arms after gaining a lot of weight, excessive fat in their body, no uncomplicated diabetes, and no problems in their heart and lungs.

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